DTR proudly presents Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils – hot off their globe trotting Repeat Offenders Tour – in a perfectly/appropriately timed new music video, ‘World Wide’. Take a journey with Dukez and Kils through Amsterdam, Prague, and even Austin, Texas and experience what it feels like to truly be ‘World Wide’!

Dukez, on how it felt to play so many stages all over the planet: “Being on tour in both Europe and across the United States was an experience of a lifetime. All of the people we met were extremely respectful to us and our music. It was an amazing feeling because we were able to tell that they cared about us. We felt welcomed, we gained a ton of new fans and supporters of our music.”

Kils: “The video is essentially us manifesting our destiny, taking our art to the world. Even tho we conceived that song while we were in the studio back in America, we were sure that it was gonna take us somewhere, and the video is a real testament to that.”