deep thinka records. buffalo, new york based independent hip hop label.
no writes reserved since 1997. check our record... it hasn't skipped


Founded in 1997 Deep Thinka Records, is an independent arts and entertainment boutique label/agency based in Buffalo New York dedicated to expressive and innovative production and publicity, industry reform, and community awareness and consciousness. Affectionately known as DTR45 (in homage to our favorite form of musical media, the vinyl record – which many times rotates at 45 RPM), Our mission from day one has been to bring the artist and their sound to the forefront, placing emphasis on creativity, innovation and cutting edge, out-of-the box thinking, rather than the prevalent business-as-usual, cookie cutter mold mentality prevalent in today’s industry. At the same time, our staff strives to work with our talent roster to develop a well rounded background of the overall function and operation of Deep Thinka Records – and the arts and entertainment industry as a whole.

Now in our 21st year of operation, DTR continues to represent the values of the independently owned small business, as well as those of the cultural movement widely known as hip hop. By creatively producing innovative products/events, organizing and mobilizing our community, and working to develop our business partnerships; we have enjoyed a prosperous decade plus in business; in a not so prosperous economic environment. Through our community outreach programs, our student internships, charitable benefit events and free Rebel Radio compilation series, we’ve continually reinvented our revolutionary marketing strategies and organizational culture, ensuring continued progress for decades to come.


Tony Caferro
Founding Director
Tony Edugene
Executive Director
Kate Schwartz
Managing Director
Vilona Trachtenberg
Recruitment Director
Robert Espinal
Promotion/Local Events
Chad Porras
Booking Agent
Tia Piotrowski
Booking Assistant
Ron Perks
NYC A&R / Promotion
Dominic Luongo
Video Director
John Lisec
Operations Assistant


Deep Thinka Records, LLC
604 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: 716-873-2151
Email: mail [at] dtr45 [dot] com


If you’d like to send your music our way, send it to the above address, “Attention Demo Submissions”. We love vinyl records, DVD’s and cassette tapes. CD’s are ok, too. We do not accept or listen to emailed mp3’s or links. Yes, we are old school. If you email us mp3’s, we will immediately sign you up to all sorts of horrible spam lists, no joke.


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