As Mac Miller has made his climb into the iPods of millions, he’s also being sued for millions–again. Patrick Berlinquette (a.k.a. Warm Speakers), has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller, Rostrum Records and Datpiff for stealing music. Berlinquette alleges Mac with stealing his “The World Around You” chorus and turning it into the “F**k ‘Em All” chorus off of Macadelic. Unfortunately, this is the second major lawsuit aimed towards Mac and Rostum Records. Just a few months back, Mac was hit with a major lawsuit by Lord Finesse due to a sample used on his highly successful 2010 mixtape K.I.D.S. Coincidentally, that was also a $10 millon lawsuit.

Well, I guess it’s true: more money, more problems.

Read the story via Al Lindstrom