DTR and Count Bass D Announce Exclusive Booking Deal

Another match made in hip hop heaven as we proudly announce our a new relationship with one of the industry’s longstanding pioneers in underground innovation – the legendary Count Bass D.
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2015 marks two decades since Count Bass D’s debut,Pre-Life Crisis, hit the scene. Since then, the self-described “Fender Rhodes Scholar” has augmented his skills as a multi-instrumentalist by truly mastering the art of sampling as well as the art of intellect. Of the start of career he has said, “my goal was to show that hip-hop had so much diversity and we could consider it a legitimate art form.” And over the past 20 years he has proven just that through his ability to push the envelope both sonically and lyrical on records like Dwight Spitz (2002), BegBorrowSteel (2003) and Act Your Waist Size (2006); instrumental gems like Ear Regardless (2007), Handshake Vs Dap (2014), and Cloak & Dapper (2015); and through collaborations with some of hips hop’s most creative and avant-garde artists: MF Doom, J Rawls, Edan, and Blueprint to name a few.

Now Booking Dates for 2016 Count Bass D “Instantly New” National Tour

Despite his impressive catalog, it’s historically been rare to find Count Bass D consistently on tour. That is, until he teamed up with perennial road warriors Blueprint and DJ Rare Groove in 2014 on the highly regarded “Respect The Architect Tour“. The experience proved to be pivotal on many levels, the most important of which is the promise that 2016 holds a new full length album and accompanying 70 city tour entitled, Instantly New.

Now booking national US and Canada dates on Count Bass D’s Instantly New Tour for March/April/May 2016. General routing for the nationwide run can be found below – all dates are available. Contact Kate Schwartz at [email protected] or 916-583-8745 to lock in your market.

Tentative Routing:
3/18/2016 Atlanta
3/19/2016 Columbia/Charleston
3/20/2016 Jacksonville
3/21/2016 Miami/Tampa/Orlando
3/22/2016 Gainesville
3/23/2016 New Orleans/Shreveport
3/24/2016 Houston/Austin
3/25/2016 Austin/San Antonio/San Marcos
3/26/2016 Dallas/Ft Worth/Denton
3/28/2016 Oklahoma City
3/29/2016 Wichita/Lawrence
3/30/2016 Denver/Ft Collins/CO Springs
3/31/2016 ABQ/Santa Fe
4/1/2016 Flagstaff
4/2/2016 Tucson
4/3/2016 Phoenix/Tempe
4/5/2016 Los Angeles/San Diego
4/6/2016 Santa Cruz/San Jose
4/7/2016 San Francisco/Oakland
4/8/2016 Reno
4/9/2016 Idaho Falls/Boise
4/10/2016 Boise/SLC
4/12/2016 Medford/Bend/Ashland
4/13/2016 Eugene
4/14/2016 Portland
4/15/2016 Olympia/Bellingham
4/16/2016 Seattle
4/18/2016 Moscow
4/19/2016 Spokane
4/20/2016 Missoula
4/21/2016 Great Falls
4/22/2016 Bozeman
4/23/2016 Minot
4/24/2016 Fargo
4/26/2016 Sioux Falls
4/27/2016 Omaha/Lincoln
4/28/2016 Kansas City/Columbia
4/29/2016 St Louis/Columbia
4/30/2016 Green Bay/Osh Kosh
5/1/2016 Minneapolis/St. Paul
5/3/2016 Des Moines/Iowa City
5/4/2016 Chicago/Milwaukee
5/5/2016 Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus
5/6/2016 Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus
5/7/2016 Detroit/Ann Arbor
5/8/2016 Cleveland/Pittsburgh
5/10/2016 Toronto/London
5/11/2016 Toronto/Kingston/Ottawa
5/12/2016 Ottawa/Montreal
5/13/2016 Buffalo/Rochester
5/14/2016 Syracuse/Ithaca/Albany
5/15/2016 Manchester
5/16/2016 Burlington/Providence/Boston
5/17/2016 Burlington/Providence/Boston
5/18/2016 Portland
5/19/2016 New York/Philadelphia
5/20/2016 Washington/Baltimore
5/21/2016 Asheville/Knoxville
5/22/2016 Raleigh/Durham
5/23/2016 Charlotte
5/25/2016 Nashville/Knoxville
5/26/2016 Memphis/Jackson/Birmingham
5/27/2016 Memphis/Jackson/Birmingham
5/28/2016 Atlanta/Columbus/Athens