Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils, finishing their spring European tour, spent their May 1 marching through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark with 100,000 people celebrating International Worker’s Day. They were armed with beer and cameras – and a music video for their booty-shaking party anthem, Round Rock, was borne. Three months to the day later, we proudly present the final product, and the symmetry between the two Labor holidays couldn’t be more perfect.

Round Rock incorporates a lot of camera “fishing”, or pulling the shot in and out of focus, and Mad Dukez wouldn’t articulate exactly how that came to be, but did offer his own explanation:

“It was a little bit of a mix being a style and a little bit of the drinking. We were partying and having a blast already, and walking up there I think we went through like two crates of beer by 10am, so we definitely were feeling it. But on top of that it was kind of cool because we wanted to have that loss of focus and then that regain of focus. You know? because the song is Round Rock, and sometimes when you’re going another round, things do get a little blurry – then you just gotta bring yourself back into focus a little later on. So I think it fit well.”