Something new for you guys.


Hey folks,

Got another innovative music video and string of available tour dates to share with you, this time from our favorite Iowan-turned-Californian virtuoso, Coolzey. The video for his new song, One Step, isn’t about frills or fancy camera tricks, it’s about an uptempo, old school breakbeat sound and cannibalism. Yes, cannibalism. Can’t say that’s been done before.

Check it out, and please contact Tone or Caitlin Manley ([email protected]) for specific tour dates and details for this multi-genre tour veteran.


Colorado Tour w/ Apoc
July 24 – August 2

East Coast Tour w/ Schaffer The Darklord
September 24 – October 5

West Coast Tour w/ Mister Goodnite
October 22 – November 2