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Big changes over here at DTR, as we proudly announce the signing of Adrienne Mack-Davis. Already called“The Voice of a Generation” hers is one that will not only define that generation, it will lift it up.

Classically trained at a young age with influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Sting, Mack-Davis is a true renaissance woman. Her 2010 debut album Music In Me: The Process, catapulted her into the Boom Bap and R&B underground annals. Since then, she has collaborated with many artists including Dead Prez’s M-1, and Top-40 House DJs Jared Dietch and Jupiter Ace. She has performed Van’s Warped Tour, South by Southwest and MTV’s “The Beat,” where Swizz Beats recognized her prolific range citing that, “she sang [them] from A to Z.”