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DTR is proud to announce the newest addition to our ever growing roster of hip hop talent, NYC-based artist, PremRock. PremRock (aka Mark Debuque) originally hails from outside of Philadelphia, and has an impressive resume that rivals most established artists. The diversity in his music draws inspiration from legends in the game such as Kool G Rap and Kerouac, to Gangstarr and Tom Waits, and has been featured on popular hip hop media outlets such as This is 50DJ BoothRap Reviews, as well as mainstream magazines like Zouch Magazine and a look behind the microphone with Business Insider.

As focused as Prem is in the studio, his live performances are intimate and interactive events; an opportunity for fans to witness the personality that gives credence to his lyrical wordplay. A globetrotter in every sense, PremRock has played over 50 cities and 11 countries and consistently looks to bring his stage show to new markets in faraway lands.

His most recent release, Mark’s Wild Years, is available directly on his Bandcamp page, and his previous record, Splendid, is an international release available through Czech label, Everyday.

“Handing the keys to DTR to become my sole booking agency and presence was a very easy decision for me and an honor to work with such a professional and hardworking outfit,” PremRock said. “I’m setting my sights on higher goals and smashing all kinds of new markets in 2014 and I know this partnership is the next step toward that.”

With past successes at hand, the coming year will indeed shape up to be an explosive year for the worldwide grinder. For more information, check out