Rake up the undercover glitz and glam of the 2020s with Mad Dukez as your music mixologist on the debut of Sexpionage. The idea of this twisted future evolved from the direction of Dominic Luongo, who unravels the question, “What if women became prohibited?”

“It’s an outrageous question to ask. And, it’s even more outrageous that it has answers (and that you can picture it happening, can’t you?) However, the most important answer was this one: They would revolt.”

Filmed at Buffalo New York’s Community Beer Works Brewery, the Sexspionage Seven are putting on their pearls and pulling out all the stops. From sharpening swords to poking holes in condoms to snorting glitter, these ladies are brewing chaos and calamity.

“As a musician, Mad Dukez, is also a storyteller. He finds a way to communicate his message to people without having to have it define them,” Luongo explains. “Instead of finding a way to constrict and categorize, Dukez uses an ever expanding imagination.”

Kiss and tell. It’s Sexpionage.