This March, even the babysitter and the mailman will be dying to have a go at the new collection of tunes as Mad Dukez heads out on The Open Affairs Tour. With fresh markets, eagerly awaited return visits, and a week-long SXSW bash, Open Affairs has more plot twists and beats than Fitzgerald could’ve served up. Fresh Kils will be backing him up on stage with the live MPC skills that made Kils the Canadian production champ, but plenty of friends from coast to coast will also be along for the ride. Relic and B. Durazzo are the tour van family, Premrock and Willie Green will join them after South by Southwest, and fantastic folks like Maker, DJ Rare Groove, Brett Gretzky, Steddy P & DJ Mahf will all be rocking with Dukez at points along the way. The book on this tour has yet to be written — so check the dates and cities, come on out and have an Open Affair.