Just when you thought the best thing to rise out of Iowa was corn and John Wayne, comes underground emcee, COOLZEY. Branded in the Midwest as a DIY punk-hop hybrid, Coolzey’s sound echoes the likes of the Beastie Boys, Kanye, and Ween. He’s been dabbling in the entertainment industry since the 4th grade, where he could be caught spittin’ Weird Al inspired rhymes. Years later, his energy and drive for taking the mic has launched to new heights with the 2010 release of his first full length album, The Honey, and two side collaborative projects with 12 different notable indie hip-hop producers. Not to mention bringing his horror-flick screenplay, Halloween Hell Party, to life.

The cherry on top is the 2013 release of the dynamic uno’s second album, Hit Factory. We caught Coolzey dodging pigs en route to Des Moines to catch a snidbit of what we should expect: “Hit Factory is steeped in underground hip-hop, but really appeals to listeners of all genres.” He notes that lovers of Superchunk, Beck, and Raekwon alike will tune in for this one. He’s nothing short of pumped for the future as he prepares to tour the world in a van with a VCR!

Deep Thinka Records is proud to announce Coolzey as the newest addition to our talented roster of artists.

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